How to Take Apart a Shower Head? Easy Steps to Follow

It is easy to take apart a showerhead you just need to follow some simple steps mentioned in the blog.

Showering eliminates dead skin cells, cleans the skin and clears the pores. It allows the skin cells to function properly. Moreover showering rinses away bacteria and other germs that could cause skin problems and rashes. It is an integral part of our lives, and we always want to keep it in good condition by cleaning or changing the showerhead from time to time. 

Hard tap water states or areas have high chances of clogged showerheads. It means that the showerheads need weekly or monthly cleaning to remove mineral buildup and dirt to ensure a clean and high-pressure shower. For deep-cleaning the showerhead, you’ll need to take apart the showerhead. There also be other reasons for taking the showerhead apart, such as; 

  • Cleaning dirt, limescale, or rust. 
  • Replacing the showerhead or parts.
  • Replacing the flow restrictor.
  • Dull performance of showerhead. 
  • Changing the entire system. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to take apart a showerhead without damaging your fixture or the wall behind the showerhead. 

How to Disassemble the Handheld Showerhead

Before disassembling, make sure to protect the showerhead from damages. Wrap a towel around the showerhead and cover the shower arm too. Tools such as wrenches or pliers can cause severe damages to the showerhead if not protected. Moreover, a towel can prevent scratches. 

In the second step, separate the showerhead using adjustable pliers, wrench, or by hand if not over tighten. If the showerhead is the one that can be screwed to open, the process is even more straightforward. Hold the shower arm and use the adjustable pliers in an anticlockwise direction to unscrew the nut. The nut in the showerhead holds all parts together. When the showerhead is free, take it off carefully. Don’t lose any small pieces attached. 

After removing the showerhead, take off the steel or rubber washer located inside the showerhead’s hose and opening. You can grab it out with the help of nose shape pliers. The rubber washer is usually delicate, so it needs to be carefully pulled off. The Mesh filter screen is another thing to pull off. It is also a delicate part of the showerhead. 

After following the above procedure, you will successfully take apart your showerhead. Now, if you want to change it, follow the showerhead replacement process. Or, if your showerhead needs cleaning, go for vinegar and baking soda home remedy. 

Add one tablespoon baking soda with two tablespoon vinegar and make a thick paste. Wash your showerhead with clean water, and then scrub it with a toothbrush and the baking soda paste. Poke out the dirt from nozzles with the help of a toothpick. Rinse with clean water and pat dry with the use of a paper towel.

Do I need to turn off the water when opening the handheld showerhead?

You can turn off the water from the bathroom, but for more ease, it is better to turn off the main switch in the meantime of the shower changing project. Well, it is not practically possible to disassemble the showerhead with water. You will resultantly lose some important small parts such as washers or mesh filters. Also, it’ll not be a perfect environment to change anything. You must turn off the water valves to take apart the components of the showerhead. 

How do you reinstall the handheld shower after cleaning?

Reinstallation is the reverse process of disassembling. It depends on the reason that pushes you to take the pieces apart, and assembling them back is therefore necessary. If you plan to replace any part of the showerhead, such as filter beads, you must do that first after that, put everything together, including the delicate washers and filter mesh.

Is it possible to clean the showerhead without removing it?

Sometimes the holes on your showerhead plate get blocked due to mineral buildup. So, it is not necessary to take apart the whole shower. In this case, use a toothpick or a pin to poke into the holes of the nozzles. It will remove any dirt or mineral buildup in the holes. After that, run water on full to wash all the debris away. 

Moreover, you can use the ziplock method to clean your showerhead. Take a ziplock bag and fill it with 1 cup vinegar, and secure the bag around the showerhead with a rubber band. Leave it for 4 hours or overnight if there is a lot of hard limescale. Remove the ziplock bag and run water for a few minutes to clean the showerhead from vinegar residue. Yes! It is possible to clean the showerhead without taking it apart.

Can you increase the water pressure of the handheld showerhead?

There are many things on which the showerhead’s pressure depends, such as the tap’s size, cleanliness of the showerhead, and the amount of water supply. If all the factors are pretty good, you will get a good amount of water pressure in a handheld showerhead. Moreover, a new showerhead has much more pressure than the one in service for a long time. Some showers have a high-pressure setting, and others don’t, depending on the quality and functionality. 


Many reasons push you to disassemble the showerhead. They varied from person to person. If you are changing your showerhead, manage time from your routine and give this project full attention; otherwise, you’ll end up with a loose fitted, drippy showerhead. Also, follow the above-listed steps to complete the process successfully. Ensure all protective measures to prevent scratch or break any delicate parts or even lose the small pieces.

If you want to change the showerhead, invest in a filter shower as it doesn’t allow mineral buildup in holes. It has an anodized aluminum plate with laser-cut holes. Moreover, it filters all dirt, bacteria, minerals, and other heavy chemicals. It will let you enjoy clean, rejuvenating, and refreshing showers every day. 

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