Top 10 BEST Scholarship Sites For Developing Countries

A Roundup of the Best Sites to Research International Scholarships

In this time of economic and financial suffering, it is difficult for students to pay their college fees, but luckily there are thousands of people and organizations willing to help students out with their studies. Here is a list of the top 10 best scholarship sites for developing countries that are great for students looking to find international scholarships;

IIE Funding for U.S. Study

IIE Funding for United States Study is the most comprehensive directory with over 800 grant and scholarship listings. It is an invaluable resource for advisers and international students worldwide on finding loans and funding for study in the United States. 

It has detailed descriptions of grants, fellowships, loans, and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study, and doctoral and postdoctoral research in the US.

Scholarships are from:

  1. U.S. and foreign governments
  2. Colleges and universities
  3. Educational associations
  4. Research centers
  5. Libraries
  6. Foundations
  7. Corporations
  8. Other organizations.


Oppnest (Opportunity Nest) is a Global Digital Youth Development platform and an educational website aiming to provide easy and instantaneous access to unlimited scholarships to millions of youths for free. 

Owing to the existing lack of awareness among youth about the different scholarship opportunities, Oppnest aims to help young people translate every scholarship opportunity into success by solving the problem of where to find scholarships online.  

One of the most outstanding features is making scholarships from various universities and external funding- sources accessible to the students to help them get accepted by the top institutions worldwide. This is one of its kind scholarship portal which is interlinked to ensure that not a single chance or new opportunity is missed by deserving individuals. 
Not only do they provide access to unlimited scholarship opportunities but give students a proper understanding of how to fetch those scholarships. Oppnest helps young people to get access to every scholarship opportunity and turn their abroad study dream into reality.

International Scholarships is the premier internet resource listing for scholarship details and financial aid information for students wishing to study abroad. From here, students will find the most comprehensive listing of grants, loan programs, scholarships, and other information to assist students to get the best education they deserve.

It is not an ordinary listing platform, they are promoting international education worldwide through the development and publication of the most comprehensive database of International scholarship available on the Internet.

Students often get worried about where to find scholarships online as the internet has abundant of them. This scholarship website has helped thousands of students to find the money for college as well as learn about the entire financial aid process. It is the most widely-used and trusted free college scholarship directory and scholarship resources on the Internet. It has been recognized by high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide, among others. is not only providing the opportunity to find financial aid for studies but to interact with prospective colleges to get recruited.

IEFA (International Education Financial Aid)

It is the best resource for international scholarship and loan information for graduate studies. Students all around the world will find the most comprehensive listing of scholarships at IEFA.  This website has developed a database of more than 1,500 programs of financial aid for study abroad. 

Some scholarship opportunities are specific to the student’s native country or field of study, while others are general. Moreover, the site is continuously growing as new scholarships are submitted and old ones are expanded.

International Student Scholarships

International Student is the leading online resource for international students around the world. They enable students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad and improving their educational and cultural experience. They help students in every possible way to make them successful in their international education endeavors.

College Week Live International Student Scholarship

Collegeweeklive website connects you with more than 200 international universities and colleges while creating a free account, giving you access to international events such as digital university fairs, and chat opportunities with admissions representatives and students.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Fulbright operates in more than 160 countries and offers fully funded scholarship and research facilities to more than 4000 foreign students each year for graduate, Ph.D./Post Graduate studies. It is a partnership program of government agencies, private organizations, and other groups around the world. Every year thousands of students apply to get this fully-funded scholarship and find ways to fetch it by any possible means, and if you’re among them, must read the Oppnest Fulbright scholarship guide.

Scholarship Owl

It is one of the easiest finding process websites from the list of best scholarship sites that makes it easy for you to apply for multiple scholarships at once using a unified application process. At scholarship owl, you just need to fill out one form and apply to many International scholarship programs.

Fast Web

Fastweb is a scholarship site that has a database of 1.5 million college and university scholarships worth over $3.4 billion. Students who are members of the site have access to create a free profile. You can fill out a quick questionnaire for a membership that covers things like contact information, schools of interest, and potential majors. We use this information to match them to college scholarships for which they qualify. 

Members of Fastweb can update their profile with further details, like extracurricular activities, current and past places of employment, and their parents’ or personal information. Adding the information helps you to narrow down their list of college scholarships to their specific skills, talents, and achievements.

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